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Latest News 23 Oct, 2019

Why Eggshell Paint is Making a Comeback.

Decorating trends come and go, but as things stand paints sold in the eggshell finish are having a real moment, and we can absolutely understand why. If you’re debating what to buy for your next project hopefully this will put a strong case forward for eggshell.

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Admittedly this product isn’t as durable as say a satin or silk finish, but it is still a lot longer lasting than the matt side of the market. Due to eggshell being somewhere in between a satin and a matt is doesn’t reflect tonnes of light, so hides a multitude of sins but also lasts a decent amount of time. If you aren’t hard wearing on your space, you can still expect no touch ups to be necessary for a good few years.

Look & Feel

When we said eggshell is having a moment, we meant it. Our Dulux Diamond Eggshell paint in particular is flying off the shelves. The crux of it is, eggshell looks very cool, with it’s not super shiny, not intensely matt appearance. It’s gives very Scandinavian vibes and will continue to be popular into 2020. It isn’t one of those finishes that only certain colours look good in and can transform a space in a traditional cottage as well as a modern minimalist apartment.

Fast Drying & Low Odour

Professional decorators and amateur DIY-ers alike are becoming increasingly concerned about what they are inhaling, and due to its composition eggshell gives off very low fumes. This is also really family friendly as you don’t need to ventilate the room for a week after painting. It is also incredibly fast drying so if you need to do a second coat, or start mounting photos or shelves, it’s not a problem with this finish.

Family Friendly

We touched on durability earlier, but eggshell really is the perfect choice if you have little people and furry friends to consider. Not only the emissions, and quick drying formula, but it’s easily cleaned with a wet cloth or wipe, all whilst looking like an interior magazine, what more could you want. The Dulux example we mentioned earlier also has stain repelling technology so sticky fingers and muddy paws are a breeze to cope with, especially in high traffic areas.

Effective When Contrasted with Other Finishes

A really great technique when decorating is to choose contrasting finishes. Depending on the colours you choose dictates how noticeable this is. For example, a room decorated in a light grey eggshell paint with black matt woodwork is impacting yet chic and is a way of creating a look completely unique to you. If you need advice on which will work well for your particular property, just give us a call.

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