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Decorating trends for 2020

We’re fast approaching a new year and with that the predictions are coming thick and fast for what will be popular in the world of home décor. We have done our research and think we’ve chosen the big three below. We’ve even given you product suggestions, where we can, to point you in the right direction.

Decorating trends for 2020

Recycle & Reuse

Upcycling used to only be something that was done by a select few people, but after becoming popular during 2019 this is only going to increase into next year too. This is mainly due to the focus on making greener choices and less consumerist in our shopping habits but believe it or not these projects can be really affordable and quite a fun way to spend a weekend.

Have you been meaning to replace an ugly fireplace or perhaps wanted to remove it entirely but it’s proving costly? We recommend giving tired fires a new lease of life using some Rust-oleum spray, which is available in loads of different colours for whatever the vibe you’re going for. You can also update metal light shades with this staple paint spray so really is a gem to have in the shed.

Bringing the outside in

Colour and texture will be taking its lead from nature in 2020. Exposed brick, micro cement floors or worktops as well as bamboo and wicker furniture and fittings will be everywhere, mark our words. Deep jewel tones like jungle green, midnight sky blue, warm sand and rust tones will be used creating calm but luxurious spaces.

Plants of all shapes and sizes will also continue to be bought in their droves, with a particular emphasis on large leaved examples like palm leaf and cheese plants. Plants are a genius way to bring some life to a space as well as a great floor filler if you struggle to choose ornaments for your home. If you’re not the greenest fingered individual stick to the succulents!

Abstract Shape & Pattern

Geometric style has been creeping its way into our homes over the past couple of years and this will develop into more bold, abstract designs within 2020. This is a great option to try whether you’re brave with your home, or if you’re just dipping your toe into something more trend led.

If you are a bit unsure why not try starting with painting the room using a failsafe neutral such as Dulux Diamond Matt. Then introduce flashes of colour by painting a couple of overlapping geometric shapes onto one feature wall. The shops are already full of great soft furnishings that can also help change up a room and are more flexible than going all out and wallpapering the room with something so busy that it looks great but gives you a headache to be around for very long.

Are you going to be dabbling in any of these trends? Or maybe you’re selling your house so want to give it an upgrade pre-sale? We’d love to hear your plans either way.

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