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What Is Rust-oleum & How Does it Work?

Rust-oleum, ever heard of it?

Rust-oleum, ever heard of it?

This brand manufactures a whole host of surface protection products that are great for DIY’ers and professional decorators alike. We’re such fans of theirs that we stock a great selection whether you need to paint the floor of a garage which needs to be oil and fuel stain resistant, or protect walls from graffiti, Rust-oleum have specialist products that can do it all.

The company was founded in 1921, and remains true to it’s roots even now, nearly a hundred years later.

The founder, Robert Fergusson, was a sea captain who noticed that fish oil, when spread on the rusty metal decks stopped the corrosion from spreading. He then progressed to using whale oil, but now, these similar substances are produced using alkyds, polyurethanes and epoxies, amongst other ingredients. Rust-oleum remained a family company until relatively recently but is now owned by RPM International Inc who have taken it to the number 1 rust preventative in the US and Canada (and not far from top position in the UK either).

The technology included in these products is mind boggling, and the fact they even exist makes certain jobs worth your consideration, that previously may have been too time consuming or too much hassle.

A great example of this is the Rust-oleum Heat Resistant Paint. It can be used on new, bright or shot blasted steel as well as some pre-treated coated surfaces. The paint is self-priming, is available in black and aluminium colours and provides protection up to a dry heat of a huge 750 degrees centigrade. This makes it ideal for bbq’s, boiler fittings, exhausts and engines as well as within many more maintenance jobs. It also only takes a couple of hours to dry, which is great for a product with such high temperature safety properties.

The Epoxyshield floor coatings are also super high quality yet easy to use, and we have additions available to enhance the basic coating. The Epoxyshield Anti Slip Additive does, as the name suggests, create better grip on floors when used in conjunction with Epoxyshield Maxx. Great for areas with high traffic as it can withstand high impact use and resists chemicals, standing water and car tyres. Another additive in this range is the Epoxyshield Decorative Chips. Ever noticed the subtle glint of reflective particles, often in warehouse flooring and service entrances in retail outlets? That’ll be these flakes, which add a noticeable difference to your floor.

We mentioned the Rust-oleum Stain Block earlier, and this really is genius. The spray is a matt white, high-pigmented coating which permanently protects ceilings, plaster, cement, wood, concrete and wallpaper from problem stains. This affordable can of magic will avoid nicotine, soot, tar, rust, the effects of moisture and graffiti too. This is absolutely something that tradesmen and consumers should have a can of in their van or shed.

Are you interested in the Rust-oleum range or need some guidance on how to use it? Contact our expert team, or find details of our store locations, here.