19 Feb, 2021

Masonry Paint - What Is the Best Option?

Are you looking to use masonry paint on a job? Find out what we recommend as the best masonry paint...

What is masonry paint?

Well, firstly lets tackle the issue of what is masonry paint? Masonry paints are mostly acrylic based paints for exterior walls. Masonry paint is a versatile formulation as it is required on a range of substrates, including brick & concrete.

Masonry paint comes in two forms; smooth masonry paint & textured masonry paint. The more traditional type, textured masonry paint offers the ability to cover any blemishes or cracks. The most common choice of masonry paint these days is a smooth masonry paint, which is easier to apply & gives a modern finish to your exterior walls.

Things to consider when buying masonry paint

There are a number of considerations to make when decided on what is the best masonry paint for the job. Longevity, ability to protect from the elements & finish are all key factors to bare in mind. If you are looking for a smooth masonry paint, then there are some fantastic choices of masonry paint available.

Which masonry paint is best?

The longevity of masonry paint & it's weatherproof abilities go hand in hand. A common cause of paint failure on exterior walls is the presence of moisture. When the moisture gets behind the paint, it causes peeling & cracking of the paintwork, which will need to be rectified. This is why many masonry paints offer waterproofing abilities to prevent this issue and extent the lifespan of the painted masonry.

Waterproof masonry paints create a water repellent surface on masonry that does not allow moisture to soak into the brickwork. However, while waterproofing the surface, many waterproof exterior paints seal the surface of the walls completely, not allowing water vapour from the outside of the structure to escape. This leads to a build up of moisture within the property, causing penetrating damp.

When using a waterproof masonry paint, it is crucial that this masonry paint is highly breathable. This breathability is what allows moisture to escape from inside the property. The breathability of a paint is measured in an SD value. To be considered breathable, a masonry paint should have an SD value of 1 or lower. If a material does not have an SD value of 1 or lower, this will not sufficiently allow water vapour to easily pass through the material. You can read more about breathable masonry paint here.

So what is the best waterproof masonry paint that is also highly breathable? Well, at Painters World we stock Emperor Paint, which is the most advanced masonry paint available today in the UK.

It uses the latest nano-technology to create a super hydrophobic (waterproof) surface on exterior brick, concrete & more. It does this by becoming part of the substrate, rather than coating the substrate, ultimately allowing the masonry to breath and expel moisture from inside the house.

This leaves Emperor Masonry Paint with an SD value of 0.60, while an untreated wall has an SD value of 0.57, as shown in Emperor's independent testing. This means that while being water repellent, Emperor Masonry Paint remains almost completely breathable.

But why else is Emperor Paint the best masonry paint? Well, thanks to this combination of waterproofing & breathability, Emperor Paint has been proven to withstand harsh weathering for 25 years or longer!

This was also demonstrated in their independent testing. A wall treated with Emperor Paint showed no signs of deterioration in performance or aesthetic appeal after a 25 year accelerated weathering process. As there was no signs of failure at all, Emperor Paint offer a Lifetime Guarantee on their masonry paint. Not only this but the product has been shown to keep homes 6⁰C warmer on average & as dirt cannot attach to the masonry, is self-cleaning. Oh, and it is verified by the Energy Saving Trust!

If you are looking for a smooth textured masonry paint that is waterproof & highly breathable, Emperor Paint is the best option to go for. It is available in six popular exterior colours or an invisible masonry cream. You can buy Emperor Masonry Paint directly from their website or here at Decor8 Northern for £52 for 5L or £95 for 10L.